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TEFL Standard of Living

 If I teach English overseas, will I live well or suffer for my dreams? Don’t worry! Usually, teachers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) make more money than does the normal John Q. Public in their host country. This means that most English teachers are able to support themselves in a style better than […]

Why TEFL is Different from Teaching English

While it might not seem obvious and up front that teaching English as a FOREIGN language is different than just the regular teaching of English that occurs in your home country, it really is and today’s post is about the how and why. Recently a TEFL training candidate asked: I will graduate with a BA […]

Stage Fright in TEFL?

What to do about it?  Teaching IS about being up there in front. If you feel you have stage fright then it is a good idea to do some practice teaching. Most of us do feel some anxiety when teaching a new class with students you don’t know.  Even I do, with 25+ years experience, […]

Is TEFL for You?

The most difficult decision of all. Is TEFL for You? You’d really like to travel the world.  Experience different peoples, different cultures, different foods.  Become a person of the world.  You want to feel like you have indeed, Been there, done that, but in a very positive way.  But really, is TEFL for you? There […]

Is TEFL a “Real Job”?

Can I take TEFL seriously? If supporting yourself while living overseas, living well, and experiencing another culture is a goal, then yes you can consider TEFL a “real” job. If the possibility of saving substantially more money over a year than you could “back home” is your goal, then yes again. If you would like […]

How to be a GREAT EFL Teacher

Value Education and More While many people from Western countries place more emphasis on “street skills” than formal education, most of the developing world knows that a good education is the way out of poverty.  As a result, education is often much more valued than in Western countries. A teacher who does not value education […]

Troublemakers in the EFL Classroom

Keep Calm and Collected in English Class Discipline issues in EFL class are usually best avoided by having an active lesson plan that involves all of the students. An engaged, busy student is not usually a trouble-making student. But, as new teachers quickly come to realize, many students are not in the EFL classroom of […]

Demo Your Way to a Great TEFL Job

Tips for Acing Demonstration Lessons Multiple choice question: To get a job teaching English as a Foreign Language you will need to: a) do an interview b) submit references c) do a demonstration lesson d) possibly all of the above. Did you pick d? (Hint: you should have!) While interviews and references are normal parts […]

TEFL Contracts

Contrary to Popular Belief, Contracts are not as Important as you Might Think I read some promotional material today from a TEFL course provider and it was about checking on the details of your contract before being hired. I agree that you certainly need to check on the basic details of your contract before signing […]

How Much Can I Earn as a TEFL Teacher?

It’s not what you earn. It’s what you can put in the bank. Let’s talk TEFL money… Here’s the real bottom line: it’s all about money. A lot of people go overseas to teach English because they want to save some money and when they’re working an entry-level job in their home country they can […]

Using your Students’ First Language in the EFL Classroom

It is important to use English in the classroom as the target language and as the teaching language. There are times, however, when limited use of the students’ first language can be useful. Times when a complex idea can not be easily explained and no one is getting it, as an example.  Be careful though.  Some […]

What Language School Employers are REALLY Looking For

What many TEFL employers really want This comes from the free eBook How to Teach English Overseas. We’ll take a look at what employers are really looking for at language schools, most likely where you’ll find your first job as an English instructor. These language schools are businesses. That’s the number one thing to know. […]

What is TEFL?

What is TEFL? How to see the world with TEFL For people who ask What is TEFL?,  it means Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Tens of thousands of people teach English as a foreign language around the world. The great majority of teachers are in China, Korea, Thailand and Japan. Exotic cultures and beautiful […]

Volunteer to Teach EFL/ESL in your Home Country

On the fence about whether or not you dare teach English abroad? Or, maybe, you’re saving up money to make sure you have a nest egg you can hatch later when you’re overseas. If, for whatever reason, you feel the desire to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) but can’t go abroad to do […]

Should you Get a TEFL, TESOL or TESL Certification?

TEFL, TESOL or TESL – Which Is Best? This is almost an FAQs type question because people often ask as they are unsure about what each of the acronyms really mean. Not just the words they represent, but what does each area actually deal with? How might the teaching be different? Let’s get these ideas […]

What they Forget to Teach you at TEFL Training School

You won’t learn how to succeed on a TEFL course If you have some business education you may already know of the research that found that only about 20% of people who are fired from their jobs are fired due to a lack of skills in their occupation. So if you flip that statistic over […]

Grammar and TEFL/TESOL and CELTA

Do you need intensive grammar? Must you be a grammar wizard? Here’s how to deal with it. Why do so many TEFL and CELTA courses put so much emphasis on teaching grammar directly and intensively as the goal of a lesson rather than teaching it indirectly and related to the direct teaching of functions? I […]


Certifiably Different?  Not Really. TEFL Certification or CELTA? CELTA or TEFL Cert? Check out our TEFL Certification Course. Many people new to the business of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) are confronted with this question when they decide to get some training before they start teaching. So, what is the difference between the […]

Non-Native Speakers Teaching English

Non-native Speakers Teaching English The great majority of teachers of English around the world are non-native speakers.  And while there are many people (usually native speakers!) who think non-natives speakers of any language should not be teaching it, those teachers provide a vital function.  There are just not enough native speakers to go around and […]

How to Have Enthusiastic EFL Students

Elicitation in the EFL Classroom It is easier than you might think to have charged-up students in front of you. Ask your students what they want to talk about.  We all know that, but how you do it makes a big difference. Let’s talk about one aspect of elicitation (an important part of EFL teaching […]

Ten Jobs That Have Transferable Skills

What Do You Know? Many Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) transition into teaching from a totally different line of work. Before I began teaching, I was a social services administrator/social worker and had worked in a variety of roles. I know other people who were business people, stock brokers, marketing agents, scuba […]

Teaching English in Resorts and Hotels around the World

This area of ESP is becoming more and more popular, so this is a good opportunity to address how to find those niche jobs. A lot of newbie TEFL teachers are former restaurant and or hospitality workers. They are much more qualified to teach in this area than the other teachers unfamiliar with the ‘service […]

What if I Don’t Know the Local Language?

How Can I Teach English if I Can’t Speak Their Language? How will I survive? It’s a question that’s on a lot of new teachers’ minds when they start Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL): What if I can’t speak the local lingo? Will I still find a job teaching? Rest assured, nervous teachers! […]

Huge Opportunities in TEFL – right now.

“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful”– Warren Buffett – The person many financial publications consider to be one of the wealthiest in the world suggests that you see opportunity when and where other people are fearful of doing so. You might want to consider this for the TEFL world. […]

Are you Supposed to Know EVERYTHING to be Able to Teach English?

Some newbie or wannabe teachers of English fear that they have to know everything about English and about teaching before they can step into a classroom. Our #1 advice? Don’t worry about it. The smartest teachers know that they don’t know everything and keep good resources on hand to help them when it is needed. […]

How to Teach English

How to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) – for newbies Here’s the challenge, how to explain what us TEFLers do in the classroom and how you can do it too. In less than million words?  Maybe impossible, but we will try. First, know that teaching English is not rocket science and that there […]

Before You Apply for That TEFL Job

Putting It All Together Before you start applying for jobs overseas as a new teacher of English as a foreign language, you need to make sure you have everything you need ready, so you’ll be able to field requests for interviews and job offers with ease. Here’s what you need: A Passport This is the […]

Travel and Teach English or Teach English and Travel?

I am often a bit dismayed about the marketing on different TEFL certification training websites. Particularly the ones that tell you that life teaching English abroad is one big party of traveling and seeing the world.  Some even include travel in their name, but nothing about teaching! They hardly mention – Oh yeah – there […]

Don’t Teach Grammar — Teach Functions!

Don’t forget to smile! A while back I read a blog post written specifically about what is wrong with PPP methodology.  And, sadly, the author stated: PPP means that teachers will first present a grammar point While I would agree that PPP has some limitations, I would never agree that PPP must be about teaching […]

Finding Your TEFL Sweet Spot

Imagine doing something you love. Something you are really good at. Something people pay you to do. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? In 1992, after two years as a volunteer in Africa, I grabbed the first TEFL job that I could find without knowing I could make a connection between the past, present and the […]

How to Get TEFL Certified While in China

Getting a TEFL certification while in China is a lot easier than you think Many teachers head over to China to pick up a teaching job, or are recruited by a school to China, only to find out – once there – they need a TEFL certification to qualify for proper working papers. TEFL Educator […]

TEFL Educator or Entertainer?

In some countries, teachers of English as a Foreign Language are expected to be half EDUcators and half enterTAINERS—or edutainers.  “Edutainment” is the term the industry has coined to explain the situation when your employer and your students are looking for games and laughter to go along with the English taught in the classroom. Edutainment is […]

Why TEFL Educator ?

Why are we in the TEFL education / TEFL training space? Well here’s the story . . . Way back in 1989, Ted Tucker, the founder of TEFL Educator / TEFL Boot Camp joined the US Peace Corps as a volunteer and journeyed off to Botswana for two years.  He found that experience so invigorating […]

TEFL Methodology: Two Common Methods

How to Teach English as a Foreign Language One post is nowhere near long enough for you to learn all you need to know about teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL or EFL). But we will give you a good overview of the topic. Here we go… It’s Not Only What You Teach—It’s How […]

Can you teach EFL without a degree?

This is a common question people have.  They ask: I don’t have a degree, can I still teach English abroad? Well . . . the answer is YES. But, know that if you don’t have a degree, your options are going to be limited.  You will need to do everything you can to enhance your […]

Is an Online TEFL Course Worth it?

Is that online TEFL course worth it?  Is the certificate worth the paper it is printed on?  TEFL forums around the world debate the value of online programs, often heatedly, and some “experts” express strong opinions on both sides of the issue. But the bottom line is that the only opinion that matters is the […]