Just look through our jobs pages for lots of great jobs.  Internships in Thailand and China.  The internships in China do not require a degree and have no fee.  AND, you still get a decent local wage.
There is also a great TEFL training program in Vietnam that guarantees a job when you complete your TEFL Training.  We get you started and you finish up onsite.

Check out these opportunities:

TEFL Training in Vietnam - Guaranteed Job! - degree not required

PAID TEFL Jobs in China - FREE Program! Degree not required

Finding Your First EFL Teaching Job

Review our TEFL country guides to see which of our options might best fit you. Ask questions!

Read our page on How to Write a TEFL Resume.

A well written resume/CV that is put together meeting international standards can make a big difference!

Also read our page on TEFL job scams.

We are big boys and girls now and we need to look after ourselves.

TEFL Jobs Guarantee!

Along with the TEFL Jobs section here is our TEFL Jobs Guarantee for our On-line TEFL course graduates.

Here is it:   If you take either our 120 or 140 hour TEFL course and complete it, we guarantee you can find a job abroad.  If you do not find a job within six months of completing your course, we will refund your course tuition in full.  With a smile.

Here are the conditions of that guarantee:
--  You must be qualified for the jobs for which you apply.
--  You will need to prove your inability to find a job by submitting THREE letters of rejection addressed to you from potential employers (we are asking that you document your efforts to find a job).
--  You have six months from the time you complete your course to claim your refund.
--  You must be a native speaker of English from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland or New Zealand.
--  All refunds would be paid through PayPal.
--  This guarantee starts on August 9th, 2015.

Simple enough!  We believe that the demand for EFL teachers worldwide is so great that you will find it surprisingly easy to land your first job offer. But take your time, find the right position and make sure you will be happy.  Our jobs section here can help you find the best jobs through some of the best TEFL jobs placement specialists in the world.

Once you land that first job, put what you have learned on this website to work!

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