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This free TEFL course is designed to be easy to follow and to get you ready to teach an “English as a Foreign Language” (EFL) class as quickly as possible. After the completion of this course, you will have an understanding of what is required to provide quality instruction in an English as Second (ESL) or Foreign Language classroom.

The course follows the sequence of units on the main menu and you will need to do at least the first three units in order [TEFL Methods, Lesson Planning and Boardwork] for a general understanding of the coursework. After that, you can move around as your interest dictates.

Each segment begins with a “Basic Concepts” section that explains the elementary principles involved in simple language. After that, an “Expanded Concepts” section will provide further information, downloadable Word or PDF documents and links to other sites for additional required study.

It is important to read EVERY segment of the course to gain the knowledge and skills you need. This is a “thinking person’s” course and anyone who wants to be a successful teacher should not rely solely on the basic methodologies of any one course. Once you gain employment as an EFL teacher, or if you are already employed as one, you should experiment with methodology and modify method to best meet the needs of your students.

Method courses such as this typically require only a high school education and by design, need a workable process by which potential teachers can quickly access the knowledge needed to go to work immediately after finishing the course. That method and process is provided for you here. Learn it and use it, but also modify it, expand it and develop your skills as a “thinking” teacher.

Each unit will require a different amount of time depending on the difficulty and complexity of the topic as well as the quantity of the material to be covered.

Start your training work on TEFL Teaching Methods Unit.

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Before you start, one important thing to do is to familiarize yourself with basic TEFL acronyms like EFL, ESL and EAP. Find that information at TEFL Acronyms.

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