and other Standardized Examinations

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Note: This course includes all materials and tutoring via Skype, chat or email.

This certification course teaches you how standardized examinations work and how to help your students prepare most effectively for them. More time is spent on the TOEFL examination in the course book, as it is used as the method model for how you would teach other examinations.

The methods suggested for the TOEFL examination work effectively for teaching students how to prepare for any major standardized examination.

The course does not use “secrets”, tricks or other notions. It teaches you how standardized examinations work (including the necessary vocabulary), how to pick a good manual, how to baseline your students’ skills and how to create a plan to improve those skills.

Experienced teachers can expect this course to take about 20 hours or less including the lesson plan project.

New or inexperienced teachers should expect it to take about 20 hours or a bit longer. You are allowed one year to complete the course.

Your evaluation is based on submitting lesson plans on required topics within the bounds of teaching specialized examinations.

Contents of the Course Include:

I. How Standardized Examinations Work

What are Standardized Tests and What do they Predict?

How Standardized Tests Work: Validity, Reliability and Internal Consistency explained and made simple

How the Statistics of Examinations Work: Normal Curves, Standard Deviations, and Errors in Measurement explained and made simple

How These Important Ideas Relate to Teaching the Examinations

II. For the TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS Examinations

An Overview of Each Examination

How to Choose a Study Guide for YOU and your Students: Currency, Scoring, Baselines, Progress Tests

How to Use a Study Guide with your Students: Baselines, Building a Strategy for Improving Scores,

Building Skills, Practicing Skills, Practice Testing, What Taking the Examination is Like, What Skills are Tested and How.

III. Teaching the Important Basic Skills for Improving Test Scores:

How to Teach Reading Skills

How to Teach Writing Skills

How to Teach Listening Skills

How to Teach Speaking Skills

How to Teach Grammar

How to Teach Study and Examination Skills

Our English for Special Purposes (ESP) courses are written by

experienced teachers who have worked extensively in each specialty.

Why teach ESP courses?

Smaller Classes

Motivated Students

Better Wages

No Discipline Problems

Adult Students

Indeed, Why Not!

The course comes with your coursebook, our Fast Track Grammar Review for EFL Teachers and

two writing textbook manuscripts to better learn to teach those skills.

Also included is a 76-page TOEFL Tips eBook written by ETS (the people who created the TOEFL test) and a 10-page IELTS Tips eBook.

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