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Teach Business English

NOTE: This course includes all materials and tutoring via Skype, chat or email.

Our English for Special Purposes (ESP) courses are written by experienced teachers who have worked extensively in each specialty.

This certification course demonstrates the use of function-based lessons that are critical for your success when teaching Business English.

Business English students are usually quite different from typical language school students. They are often older, more experienced and tired from a long day at work and have a definite idea about what they want and need to learn.  You’ll need to know what you are doing if you are going to teach Business English.

They are often required to take English classes if they want to progress in their company. If you are seen as being “wet behind the ears” and as having little or no knowledge of their world, you will typically be replaced rather quickly.

Some EFL teachers think that teaching Business English is the same as teaching regular English classes but with a little business vocabulary thrown in. Some teachers think that all you might need to do is to change The book is on the desk to The report is on the photocopier. This is not good enough.

These older, more skilled business people also need you to have some interest and knowledge of the business world. You would be expected to pique their interest and create relevant contexts for your lessons. The coursebook for this certification will lead you to those special topics that are relevant to these more demanding students. Students and employers will often pay you 50-100% more than other EFL teachers are paid for these types of courses.

Experienced teachers can expect this course to take about 20 or less hours including the lesson plan project.  New or inexperienced teachers should expect it to take longer.

You are allowed one year to complete the course.

Your evaluation is based on submitting a lesson plan on a topic of your choice within the bounds of teaching Business English.

Business English is all about teaching functions lessons rather than the grammar-based lessons that CELTA or other TEFL courses teach.

Examples of the Contents of the Course Include:


Introductions, Taking and Leaving Messages, Recording and Leaving Voice Mail


Making and Responding to Complaints


Describing a Company and Job, Describing Products

Expressing Opinions:

Asking for and Giving Opinions and Preferences, Interrupting to Give an Opinion, Strengthening an Opinion or Statement, Supporting an Opinion

Checking and Confirming Facts

Asking for and Giving Explanations

Talking about Company Plans

and much more

The course comes with your Business English coursebook, our Successful Presentations eBook and
our Fast Track Grammar Review for EFL Teachers.

Teach Business English!  You’ll be glad you did.

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